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Madison, Mississippi, named for James Madison, the fourth President of the United States, grew up along a bustling railroad track in pre-Civil War Mississippi. It was 1856 when the Illinois Central Railroad opened its Madison Station, the forerunner of today’s City of Madison. Although near-by Madisonville, a settlement established along the stagecoach route of the Natchez Trace, boasted a race tack, two banks, a wagon factory and at least one hotel, its residents could not resist the lure of the future. The newly established railroad community began to thrive, and Madisonville soon became extinct

Madison Caboose Saint Ives Subdivision
Madison Caboose
Saint Ives Subdivision

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  1. 1/25/2012
    shyesha shyesha says:
    madison was fancy,quiet, and peaceful. i loved it although me as a african american the race was alot different, i still loved it as a child
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