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Hinds County was established in 1821 and named in honor of General Thomas Hinds.  The county was carved out of a tract of deep country ceded to the United States by the Choctaw Indians on October 18, 1820.  On February 4, 1828, the Mississippi legislature provided for the selection of three commissioners to select a site for the courthouse and jail for the county, and to locate the same either at Clinton or within two miles of the center of the county.  According to local lore, the commissioners determined the center of the county to be on Snake Creek. They selected a site just above the bottom land of the creek to be the county seat.  They named the site Raymond for General Raymond Robinson of Clinton who gave up his prior claim to the land. On January 17, 1829, an act was passed by the legislature directing that the courts of the county should be held at Raymond, and that all books, records, and papers belonging to the respective offices should be removed to that place. The young town grew and prospered as a seat of justice for the county.

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