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Vicksburg National Park
Vicksburg National Park
The Siege of Vicksburg was the final major military action in the Vicksburg Campaign of the American Civil War.
Rosalie Mansion
Rosalie Mansion
Rosalie Mansion is a historic pre-Civil War mansion in Natchez, Mississippi, significant for its influence on architecture in a wide area. During the American Civil War, it served as Union headquarters for the Natchez area from July 1863 on.
Windsor Ruins Pillars
Windsor Ruins Pillars
Port Gibson has many historic buildings, including the Windsor Ruins, which have appeared in several motion pictures. Many of the town's historic buildings survived the Civil War because Grant believed the city too beautiful to be burned.

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This is a complete list of directions for the Great River Road from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Not a single road as its name might suggest, the Great River Road is more accurately described as a designated route, the whole of which is composed of connected segments of other named and numbered highways and routes maintained by local jurisdictions.

The directions below follow the route from north to south. Some segments include one-way streets that may temporarily alter the general direction in particular areas. While believed accurate at the time of compilation, an up-to-date road map should be consulted for actual navigation; in addition to possibly containing unrecognized errors or omissions, this list will not be up-to-date with local closures, detours, and reroutings.

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